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Understanding who OSHA is and how they operate, as well as the rights of employees and employers under the OSH Act of 1970, is one of keys to having a successful safety and health program. These three introductory-level OSHA training courses provide students with the information needed to have an appropriate understanding of OSHA, depending on their current role in the company or organization. Print your personalized training certification for your introduction to OSHA training course upon successful completion of these courses.

Introduction to OSHA employees basic

Online Introduction to OSHA Course for Entry Level Employees

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Introduction to OSHA supervisors intermediate

Online Introduction to OSHA Course for Supervisors & Managers

Only $19.99

Introduction to OSHA safety managers advanced

Online Introduction to OSHA Course for Safety Personnel

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The basic introduction to OSHA course is ideal for entry-level employees. It explains the rights and protections afforded to workers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This includes the employees right to file a complaint with OSHA about unresolved safety or health hazards in the workplace, as well as Whistle-blower protection. It also covers resources available to workers to help them better understand and avoid hazards at the workplace.

The intermediate introduction to OSHA course is designed to educate supervisors and managers with about everything covered in the basic course for workers, and then expands into additional information about how their actions, and in-actions, have an impact on the classification of violations and monetary penalties that accompany OSHA citations. The course also discusses employer rights to participate in an on-site inspection, to limit the scope of an OSHA inspection, and to have an employer representative present when OSHA interviews supervisors and managers.

The advanced introduction to OSHA course for safety personnel will benefit safety managers and safety directors, as well as others who are responsible for helping implement and manage their employer’s safety and health program. Also ideal for students of occupational safety and health, as well as union safety reps and business owners. In addition to covering everything covered in the basic and intermediate courses above, it also provides information so the student can understand employer rights to manage an OSHA inspection, such as how and when to limit the scope of an OSHA inspection, pros and cons of telling OSHA to get a warrant to conduct an inspection at your site, and factors that are used to calculate monetary penalties so the information can be used to your advantage when attempting to settle OSHA citations and penalties. It also discusses OSHA letters of interpretation and directives, horizontal and vertical OSHA standards, and resources available from OSHA to assist safety personnel / employers with their safety and health program.


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