Meet OSHA fall protection and prevention requirements with online training courses, training DVDs, and free toolbox talks. These training resources cover many aspects of preventing slips, trips, and falls, as required by OSHA training standards.


Advanced 24-hour Online Fall Protection Training Course for the Competent Person



Basic 2.5 Hour Online Fall Protection & Prevention Training Course for Workers



Fall Protection and Prevention Training DVD for In-house Training Sessions



These free OSHA training toolbox talks about Fall Protection and Prevention are available for you to download (PDF files) and print at no cost to use for training your employees within your company or organization.  They are not to be used for commercial gain, nor can they be republished on any other website or in any document without our explicit written permission.

Each talk provided is generic enough to be applied to many different work environments (construction or general industry). While the information contained in each toolbox talk is believed to be accurate, these toolbox talks are not intended to take the place of formal OSHA training; they are only intended to supplement mandatory training, and help maintain awareness about protection for/ prevention from falls in the workplace

Users are responsible for checking the OSHA training requirements to determine the actual training that must be provided to your employees. OSHA Training Services Inc. cannot be held liable for the content in, or misuse of, these generic toolbox talks.

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Toolbox Talk - Fall Prevention / Protection - General Stat's about Slips, Trips, and Falls

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection / Prevention - Preventing Slips in the Workplace

Toolbox Talk - Fall Prevention / Protection - Role of Footwear in Preventing Slips

Toolbox Talk - Fall Prevention - Preventing Trip Hazards in the Workplace

Toolbox Talk - Fall Prevention - Important Info / Warnings About Guardrails

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Full Body Fall Arrest Harnesses - Do's and Don'ts

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Lanyards - Do's and Don'ts

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Fall Arrest Anchor Points

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Calculating Total Fall Clearance Distances

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Safeguarding Holes in Walking & Working Surfaces

Toolbox Talk - Fall Protection - Avoiding Falls While Working From Portable Ladders

Toolbox Talk - Fall Prevention - Avoiding Falls from Scaffolding


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