Portable Fire Extinguisher Training Resources

OSHA requires employers who provide fire extinguishers in the workplace that are available for employee use to also provide an "educational program" for affected workers that covers the principles of fire extinguisher use as well as the hazards of incipient-stage (early stage) fire-fighting. This educational program must be provided as part of new employee orientations, and the employer must also provide an annual refresher training on this topic. See related standard here

In addition, the employer must provide all fire brigade members, as well as fire watches and any other worker who has been assigned any job that requires the use of a portable fire extinguisher, with hands-on training on the equipment they will be required to use. 

We offer inexpensive OSHA-compliant interactive online courses on fire extinguisher use and fire prevention measures that incorporates a quiz and presents the user with a personalized training certification. Last but not least, we also provide DVD training kit, complete with handouts, that employers can use for in-house fire extinguisher training programs. These safety training DVD's are available in both English and in Spanish. 

And don't forget to take advantage of our FREE OSHA training toolbox talks on fire protection and fire prevention. A great tool to help keep this important topic in the forefront of everyone's mind.