OSHA Safety Training DVD's

OSHA safety training videos and DVD's are a great way to convey important safety-related information to workers in a fashion that will get, and keep, their attention. And when coupled with site-specific information about your company safety policies and procedures, as well as any hands-on demonstrations or instruction that may be needed, safety training DVD's can be an important tool to help employers meet OSHA training requirements.

These affordable OSHA safety training DVD's are available on many OSHA-required topics. Most of our OSHA training DVD's also come with a leader’s guide, reproducible handouts, sign-in sheet, and certificates for students, too. Available in English, and many available in Spanish too.

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Spanish Language Safety Training DVDs

See our vast selection of Spanish language safety training DVDs. Topics for construction, industrial, hospitality, and healthcare  work environments. Meet OSHA requirements to provide employees safety training in a language they can understand.

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Vea nuestra amplia selección de DVD de capacitación en seguridad en español. Temas para la construcción, la industria, la hostelería y los entornos laborales sanitarios. Cumplir con los requisitos de OSHA para proporcionar a los empleados capacitación en seguridad en un idioma que puedan entender.


NOTICE: DVD training products are designed to assist employers with training affected workers. However, the employer will need to supplement this training with any site specific training and hands on practice and evaluations required to comply with OSHA standards.