Online OSHA Training Courses

OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour training courses for Construction or General Industry can be taken online. We also offer many other online OSHA training courses that cover additional topics, including OSHA-mandated training for confined space entry in general industry and construction, 8, 24 or 40-hour HazWoper courses, fall protection training courses, an advanced electrical safety course, hazard communication training courses, portable fire extinguisher and fire prevention training courses, EM 385-1-1 courses, introduction to OSHA courses, and much more.

The advantages of taking an online OSHA training course are numerous, including: 

  • No waiting - you can register right now and start your online OSHA training course right away.                                                  

  • Train at your pace - start training when you want, log out when you want. You can log back in later (even from a different computer) to resume your OSHA training course. You have a full six months to complete your online OSHA training course.

  • Print your proof of training ASAP - Print your personalized certificate of completion when you complete any on of our online OSHA training courses. If you take an online OSHA 10 or 30 hour course, this temporary certificate will serve as your documentation of course completion and get you onto the job site and is accepted in all 50 states and U.S. territories. 

  • Get your DOL 10 or 30-hour Training Wallet Card FAST!  With our FAST OSHA Card Feature, you will receive your official Department of Labor (DOL) 10 or 30-hour training wallet card in the mail as soon as it has been processed by the OSHA Education Center (should be mailed to the student 2 weeks after successfully completing their course). This is the SAME DOL training wallet card you get for taking a live OSHA 10 or 30-hour training class - no difference!

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OSHA Training Online

Online OSHA training courses are now available on our website at VERY affordable prices through our partnership with 360training. Click the tab for the online OSHA training class you want and get the information you need to register and start your online training course right away. Students completing an OSHA 10 or 30-hour Outreach training course can print their personalized temporary certificate to prove they completed the course, and  the wallet card for the 10 and 30 hour class will be mailed after it is processed. Students of all other OSHA training courses can print their personalized certificate as soon as they complete their training course. There is no faster way to start, and finish, your OSHA training course and get on the job!

The online OSHA 10-hour construction training course is designed to provide workers at projects such as new construction sites, major renovation projects, and demolition jobs with an overview of OSHA and the general construction-related hazards to avoid, whereas the online OSHA 30-hour construction course is geared more towards job site superintendents, managers, foremen, safety personnel, and safety committee members with more in-depth, detailed information about the OSHA 1926 construction standards.

The online OSHA 10-hour general industry course is geared to workers at most manufacturing plants, warehouse and logistics terminals, medical and dental offices/hospitals, oil and gas production, chemical industries, and service industries, and addresses the general hazards to avoid in those environments. The online OSHA 30-hour general industry course is more suited to managers, supervisors, foremen, safety coordinators, and safety committee members, as it goes into much more depth about the OSHA 1910 general industry requirements.

The online Hazwoper courses cover a variety of workers, including the 40-hour hazwoper training for workers at hazmat clean-up sites and storage-treatment-disposal sites. The 24-hour hazwoper course serves those working as hazard material technicians and specialists who respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials spills and releases. And the online 8-hour refresher course covers the annual refresher training requirements for hazmat workers.

There are a variety of other online training courses too, such as for those working as entrants, attendants, and entry supervisors during confined space entry work, as well as for those wanting advanced training for electrical safety, fall protection training, hazard communication, portable fire extinguishers, dust mask use,EM-385-1-1 training for construction, forklift operator training, lead and asbestos awareness level training, and much more. All online courses are offered through our partnerships with 360training and OnlineTraining and Education LLC.

Have multiple people to register for one of our online OSHA training courses? You can register them yourself at the course registration page, or you can use the group registration form on each course information page. We offer group discount rates when you purchase five or more courses, and will register your people for you (a great time saver). We can also set you up with a free Learning Management System (LMS) upon request so you can run reports to track your employees' progress as they complete their online OSHA training courses.

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Lost Your OSHA Training Wallet Card?

CLICK HERE to see information about how to replace a lost or damaged OSHA training wallet card.